Tutorials & Guides to become wiki posts

Following recent discussions, we have decided it’s for the best to transform the topics in Tutorials & Guides to become wikis for members (with trust level 1) to improve, contribute and update over time. Past and future posts will become “wiki posts”.

Like the Arch Linux Wiki and Ubuntu Wiki, this change will enable you, the community, to ensure posts stay clear, informative and up-to-date.

:hammer: This change will commence soon.


I approve. I approve this so much.


great news :thumbsup:

You may of noticed we have changed things around a bit in TT&T and are now working on a guideline to help everyone understand the use and goals. It will be pinned when ready to post.

So if anyone has any suggestions, this would be a good time and place to post them :slight_smile:

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Discourse now has a feature for making all posts in these categories to be wiki. This has now been set for all new posts. :thumbsup:


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