Two password prompts on wake after uninstalling Regolith DE

So, I tried the Regolith DE (mostly to see if I could get on with i3, spoiler: I still can't).

I installed the DE following the instructions here via Option 2.

When deciding it (still) wasn't for me I followed Uninstallation instructions further down the same page.

All is well. However now when opening my laptop I put my password in to login via the usual Mate greeter/screen. It will then go to desktop for about a second before sending up a second login prompt, this time via the greeter/screen that Regolith used. Has the uninstallation missed some config file somewhere? Is there an easy fix for this?

I realise this may be best suited posting on Regolith's support channels but thought I'd try here first.

I don't mind putting in a password twice but it is growing a little thin already.


You might try using ppa-purge. See -

About halfway down the page are instructions for installing ppa-purge, (sudo apt-get install ppa-purge) and using it.

Presumably you would use a command such as
sudo ppa-purge to purge the regolith ppa and all that it installed. Good luck danieljhill.

No luck unfortunately. I'd already purged the PPAs it seems.

I assume from your post that you used ppa-purge which is supposed to remove the ppa and all the software installed from the ppa. Perhaps you'll have better luck in the Regolith forum or support channels.

Found the solution after posting over the Regolith GitHub. It was Gnome-Screensaver that was, for some reason, still functioning. Uninstalled the package and all is well again.

Issue here in case someone has a similar problem in the future.