Two questions about file management

  1. is it possible to make Caja to always ask where a new file should be saved?


  1. how can I make Caja to open files always in list view, not as icons?

Not very important but would make Caja more user friendly - to me, at least…


Not sure what you mean by Caja saving a new file–applications usually do that–or not.

Number 2 is easy: from Caja main menu Edit > Preferences > Views tab > View New Folders Using. Lots of other default customizations available there.


Thanks for your reply. Silly questions, I now see. As to number 2, I had looked into Caja but never noticed where to insert the default customization.

As to number 1, I was in a hurry yesterday and used a “Print to File” with great haste. This file ended up by being saved on top of the last PDF file saved! I mostly use Firefox, where I chose as downloads preferences “always ask where to save files”.

A good lesson, will be more careful in the future.

Thanks again.