Typing should initiate search in the start menu

If I click the start menu button, and move the mouse a little bit upward so that the cursor is on the "Places" or "Applications" section, typing a key does nothing. It works if the mouse cursor stays on the start menu button or on the "Favourites" section.

I do not know whether this is an intended behaviour or a bug, but this is inconvenient. Windows' start menu does not have this problem and whenever I type something it initiates search.

I think Mate's start menu should work like that. I am on Linux 18.04 with everything up to date.

Are you using the MATE Menu or Brisk Menu?

If you're talking about the Advanced MATE Menu, or the Redmond layout, this is a known issue.

Seems like it's not a trivial fix and will require some code rewrite

This bug is still present in 20.04.
But let me pile on a bit:
*''plank' does not work either when the start menu is open.
I have to close the menu, then it works again.