U.M 16.04 temp sencing problem

dell studio 1737 laptop , it was running xubuntu 14.04 and i’m thinking an update didn’t agree with it, it would show grub, time out and go to a black screen you could tell the back light was lit but nothing showing. after trying a few things i installed U.M 16.04 everything went fine on install , i wonted to check the temp so i set up lm-sensor and Psensor. the minute i start Psensor my mouse will stop working then work again and keep doing it, it is hard with the mouse acting up but when you quiet Psensor the mouse acts normal. so i installed i8kutils. it installed but seemed slow setting up systemd and it did the same thing to the mouse as Psensor did but worse had to manually reboot, rebooting takes forever and typing in the passwd you have to weight for the computer to catch up. any ideas ?

hi @klein,

what about your system update status?:

Something similar happened to me. You can boot into the ‘recovery’ mode by using ESC on the boot screen. You’ll get a curses text menu where you can scan for missing dependencies, fix broken packages etc. It’ll do most of this automatically then you can restart and see if it helps.

hi wolfman & ad4m
it was a new install and updated completely .
i have reinstalled it again.

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Hi @klein,

and is your system running okay now?. :smiley:

it doesn’t seem to be getting hot and visually the fan is coming on and off , i would just like to read the temps.

Hi @klein,

try this: