Ubuntu 15.04 + MATE on the Odroid C1

Not Ubuntu MATE yet but we are working on it ^^


@Bakaniko Great job! :smiley:
Did you install the ubuntu-mate-core and ubuntu-mate-desktop packages?

PS - How come only the date is in French while the rest of the interface is in English? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks but Loboris did 99% of the job ^^

Yes I tried it this morning with several issues.

The major one is that they need the mali-x11 package to be removed. So there is a conflit to be solved. It is the video driver and it is specifically compilled for this machine. So I get the mostly black screen I talked about before.

The system crashed twice during the installation. One during the package downloading, not very critical. Then another time during the packages setting. More critical.
Even with a dpkg --reconfigure -a (or something like that) a dozen packages can’t be installed.
I even filled bug reports for avahi-daemons and cups-daemon failed installation.

EDIT: links for the bugs I reported:

I’ll provided a list of the packages who can’t be installed later.