Ubuntu 19.04's menu crashes all the time

I almost forgot why I didn't use the installed Ubuntu 19.04, besides its HDMI is not working -- it's menu crashes all the time on me as well.

Just wave the mouse over the Ubuntu 19.04's menu up and down a few times, and it'll crash. As simple as that. Then the whole Ubuntu desktop freezes up, until I have to kill it from the console.

Finally found someone experiencing the same as me:

and I quote:

... it still crashes all the time and is as stable as a drink riding bucking bull standing on a deck covered in marbles on a ship during a hurricane.

That's vivid and colorful, :grin::grin:. Anyway,

Is there any workaround?


If it's a issue that affects a small amount of users , and no one it's reporting it, Ubuntu Mate team will not know about it.

Well. I'd be willing to file the bug report. But not before you guys confirm it's worth the effort. And here's why; I run MATE in Hyper-V testing it with the new Unbuntu Studio software installer and the Ubuntu studio software installed.
I presume a distro like Mate is aiming to provide user-friendlyness as am I. And I must say I am impressed with the work of the guys from Ubuntu Studio. It has not crashed on me yet running it in the same configuration on Hyper-V in enhanced mode.
(Van https://www.tenforums.com/virtualization/107147-guide-how-run-ubuntu-18-04-enhanced-mode-hyper-v.html )
It's just that my guess was considering your flavor of Ubuntu is focussed on the user as said, some of the wants I need may be easier to fetch. So I decided to figure out which versions of Ubuntu easily allow Low Latency and I ended up here.
The crashing is from the first moment on. So even before I added the machine to enhanced mode. And that's a bother I do not have in Ubuntu Studio at all.

So if you please, I'd be pleased to. It might be good to mention it's Brisk we're talking about. It seems to be an ongoing issue since 18.04. Eventhough I understand it's only a few people experiencing the behaviour as described by the original poster, they are quite active on the fora :wink: