Ubuntu 19.10 Raspberry Pi4: No USB with 4GB - Bad audio

Hi all, I'm NicoD, a Youtuber who reviews SBC's.
I'm making a video about the new Ubuntu 19.10 for the Raspberry Pi4.
I've got the Rasbperry Pi 4 4GB model, and I can only use the USB ports when I set it to 3 GB.
usercfg.txt add -> total_mem=3072

Also hdmi sound doesn't work like it should. It's turned off by default. But when I turn it on, it seems to stutter a bit.
To turn on again in usercfg.txt add -> dtparam=audio=on

I did try some fixes that were for the Ubuntu 18.04 with default kernel from James Chambers. But these didn't work here.

If someone knows how to solve these things, please let me know. I will link this thread in the description of my video.

Thank you for all the great work, greetings.

Welcome NicoD.

There is not currently an official version of Ubuntu MATE 19.10 for the Raspberry Pi4.

However the Ubuntu Server 19.10 image is currently released and is at version 19.10.1 which includes the fix for the USB issue on the 4GB model.

You may want to confirm that is the version you have installed. There has been a recently updated Ubuntu webpage for the Raspberry Pi's.

Good luck on your video.