Ubuntu 20.04, resizing easier, keybinding

Hi All,

I posted some time ago on SO, but got only 10 views and no answers. Since then I registered here that may be a better place.

The SO link is

I try to rephrase here in case some have pointers..

Although this could be a XY problem, I give here the genesis, it all started with the 'border too thin' syndrom, i.e very hard to grab my 1 pixel window border.

If nowaday there is something I can set somewhere to border grab area bigger lemme know.

Meanhwile, not having this, I worked around by using the window manager Key Binding feature, and since I am an heavy emacs user, my ctrl key along with the Alt key are pretty loaded, I elected to use Win key (Mod4) in my key binding to 'window resize' function in the [control center] [keyboard shortcut]

So far (up to ubu 18.04) I opted to us the 'win' key for windows operation key binding, so I elected for Win+S for sizing (Mod4+S), it is easy to remember.

But I bumped into a rather odd problem, I can't bind my Mod4+S anymore on Ubu 20.04 and Mate that comes with.

I can't find the culprit, dunno who is grabing Mod4+S or preventing this binding. Luckily I can bind to Mod4+W that is the close to Mod4+S geographically on my US kbd, so I start to be used to it.

I looked in the [control center] [keyboard shortcut] and dumped and reviewed all the entries in the gsettings, but can't find any binding on Mod4+S

Any pointers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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