Ubuntu abandons Unity8/Mir/Phones... WHAT?


So the Librem5 crowd-funding campaign has completed with over $2M collected.
Which means, if everything goes well there will be a true GNU/Linux phone shipping in 2019.



That is outstanding news if it comes off. I will definitely be buying one.


Can I put WhatsApp on this smartphone?


According to the kickstarter:

Can I run Android apps?

Not day 1. However there is a lot of interest in including a isolation layer that will be able to power Android applications natively. We have added that as a stretch goal to quantify the effort.

So at least they’re planning to make a compatibility layer, which is really important, because if they can get Android apps to run, they’ll actually stand a chance at taking over the market. Of course, it all depends on how fast they can get it working and how stable it will be.


Hi Guys, after my daughter brought the Kings a new cell phone at Christmas, I recovered my phone BQ E4.5 Ubuntu Edition,
I have gone to the Ub Ports page that continues with Ubuntu Touch, I have installed the new Operating System, and it is going very well, it is stable, to test again,
will use Android APP for the system, the best decision to upload in users

I leave photos ...