Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Final Release

Here it is, our first official release :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Congrats to Wimpy and his team!!! Writing this under the newly installed Ubuntu Mate 15.04 final!! Awesome work!

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Hello Wimpy:
Actually I have installed 14.10 Mate’s version. There’s any possibility to upgrade to this new version - 15.04 - without re-install the previous?
Thanks in advance and congratulations for your effort.

Carry on the good work. Congratulations!!

I think it should be available via updater. If not, make a USB or DVD of 15.04, boot it, run installer and there should be an upgrade option in there. I never used it myself though, so can’t comment on it. If you have a spare disk, probably best to backup home folder.
I came from 14.04. So I just wiped and started over.

Any SWAG? don’t mind rocking some at the next local geek meetup

Thanks 11ryanc:
I can to upgrade via update manager. Sorry, I’m a very newbbie.

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Oh it did show up in Update Manager? Cool.
lol no worries I’m still stuck in a partial “noob” limbo too :wink:

Just want to congrat All the ubuntu mate Team . What an awesome job!
Really THANK YOU guys , its great working with this version (15.04).

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A massive thanks to all of the Mate developers. I am now the proud user on my personal laptop and my work macbook pro.

I am amazed how well ubuntu mate works on the macbook, which is a mid 2012 model. The only thing that isn’t working so far is resume from suspend. Using bootcamp, I could not even get the drivers installed without constant crashes!

Hibernation on non Mac OSes on Apple hardware has always worked a little funny for me too. This was an old computer though. x86 Intel based iMac from 2006. Ran/runs Snow Leopard, and Windows via bootcamp. Now only runs a single boot of SL. Would love to get Ubuntu MATE setup on it under a different hard drive.