Ubuntu Mate 15.04 Mate Appearance Settings does not work

When I set up a theme in Mate Appearance Settings or change button layout in Mate Tweak nothing hapens unless I relog back in the system . Can someone tell me how to fix this ?

Looks like a bug to me, please remember 15.04 is still in Alpha stages. You could report this as a bug.

I can confirm the bug.

I am doing bug report…thanks

I can also confirm that it doesn’t take full effect until logging off and back in. However if you open another application after changing the theme it partially reflects the new one.

Where to report the bug ? Is it Mate desktop bug or Ubuntu Mate bug ?

There may already be a bug report for this on 6 Feb (3 days ago):


This one seems to be a duplicate (made today, 9 Feb):

Even if there is already a bug report, you can show that the bug affects you too if you go to the bug page, sign in, and answer yes to “Does this bug affect you?”. (This shows up right after “This bug affects x people”, but it’s only there when you sign in).