Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS Released

A new point release of Ubuntu MATE 16.04 has been released today.

This new image features all the updates since the original 16.04 release.

  • Running 14.04? Starting today, Ubuntu users will see an offer to upgrade to 16.04.1.
  • However, users running the Ubuntu MATE 14.04 release are strongly advised to perform a clean installation, as the build is unofficial and will very likely have problems.
  • Running 16.04? Updates after today automatically means your 16.04 system becomes 16.04.1.
  • This does not apply for the Raspberry Pi.

Updated download links are now available.

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Great work guys! Many thanks as always!

Not got offer yet, but that may just be a question of propagation time (.es). But can I really upgrade Ubuntu-not-MATE 14.04 with @Wimpy’s MATE PPA as an upgrade? Was assuming I’d have to do a full re-install!?! Which is also why I have 1 system still running in ‘early adopter’ mode! :smile:

Some users have had success upgrading 14.04 “unofficial build” to 16.04 (15.04 onwards being official builds), others may have found bugs and glitches along the way. Someone may be able to comment. :wave:

I would recommend a fresh install to be on the safe side, but technically, it could be upgraded from 14.04, ditching the 14.04 PPAs.

Get ready to welcome those that wait for the first point release. Interesting how the upgrade waited, too.

Ask me again at 18.04 and I still won’t suggest upgrading. :grin:

Good job, U-M team.

OK, got an update offer today (.es)

The software on this computer is up to date.
However, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS is now available (you have 14.04).

(the italics are mine)

May have a go just to see … Will take usual steps for a full reinstall after though :smile:

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Tried it and Loving it. A 10 out of 10. A Linux gold standard. Thank you to all of the devleopers who made this possible :slight_smile: :heart:

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Great Job @Wimpy and the Ubuntu Mate community!

I have been using Linux full time for around 5 years and only use windows at work but not at home.

I have been distro hopping for years, mainly sticking with Linux Mint, I tried Ubuntu Unity but just don’t enjoy using it.

Tried Ubuntu Mate and have changed again in the meantime but tonight going back to Ubuntu Mate as personally I think it’s the best representation of Linux that exists.

It’s just awesome, everything works, welcome centre is awesome and it’s polished fast and stable.
You truly understand what the user wants.

Great work!


I was wondering if this release fixes the bug titled , LD_LIBRARY_PATH not loading from .profile nor /etc/environment
or ssh-agent clobbers LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other environment variables
with URL https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/366728
on the Raspberry PI 3. Thank you.

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