Ubuntu Mate 16.04 for the Odroid-C2

The new Odroid-C2 comes with Ubuntu Mate 16.04 (aarch64):

Now that looks like something I might be interested in buying as it is powerful enough to actually use as a media machine. I have held off buying the Pi2 as it has always been, when I have sat down and thought about it, not powerful enough for what I would wish to use it for.

Very good price of 40 dollars. As soon as they come out in the uk, I’m having one. I bet they’d make nice thin clients for an LTSP network.

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I did a small comparison between Pi 3 and the C2, guess who is the winner ?

Hi Peba!

Thanks for posting this. I have just written a short review on Pine64 running Mate desktop. I have a couple of quesitons: 1) did you get HW acceleration working on the Odroid-C2?; 2) how is the performance when browsing the web?

GPU hardware acceleration is not available in Ubuntu now, but should be here at the end of April according to Hardkernel.
Web browser performance in Ubuntu is good but the stability of the browsers needs improvement.
Kodi 16.1 is already working for 4K video playback in Ubuntu with VPU hardware acceleration for H264 & HEVC