Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Hangs During liveCD Boot

I’ve gotten interested in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 lately, so I burned a liveCD of 16.04. I can’t seem to get it to work on my computer, as it keeps freezing during boot. When I use ctrl+alt+x to see what’s happening, I see that it freezes when it starts loading services. Every time, though, it stops on a different service.

Strangely enough, I tried disabling the IOMMU controller (I had to mess with that in my past Ubuntu 15.10 blunders), and it booted all the way to the Ubiquity start screen, but all of my devices (mouse, keyboard, ethernet card) were disabled, so I couldn’t do anything.

Does anybody have any advice for troubleshooting this?

Did you run checksums on your iso file? Otherwise make sure that you burn CD on the slowest speed. This sorts of freezing only happened to me when I used bad burning software or got CD scratched accidentally. I hope you will be able to solve it.

That doesn’t seem to be helping much. About the disk burning bit, I’m just using Microsoft’s disk burner software, which doesn’t allow me to change the speed of the burning. I did tell it to “verify” the disk which turned up positive. Also, I booted up the image itself in a virtual machine and it works flawlessly. I’m not too sure what seems to the issue.

My advice is: re-enable iommu and burn a USB drive this time.

Okay. I’ll try that and get back to you.

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I tried that. And it worked! Thank you very much, I am now able to install Ubuntu MATE on my computer without problems.

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