Ubuntu MATE 16.04 not booting on Raspberry Pi 3 B

Been anxiously waiting for the version 16 GD release for the Pi. Thx. I downloaded the -pi.img.xz from Canadian mirror. I checked the hash with 7-Zip. It matched. Unzipped the image with 7-Zip, formatted with Windows to FAT32, and SDFormatter, then burned the image Win32DiskImager to a couple brand new Class 10 16GB microSD cards. No matter what I do, Ubuntu MATE16.04 LTS will not launch (boot) for me.

Am at my wits end. What am I doing wrong? How do I get Ubuntu Mate 16.04 too boot on my Raspberry PI3 B? System works fine with other disk images I have burned including those with NOOBS. Could the Wifi connectivity bugs be causing the problem? I am Wifi otherwise. Do I need to be tethered so system can get the network time to startup?

Your procedure seems to be correct. What happens when you try to boot? Is there a black or rainbow screen? Does an error message appear?

Also, please do create your own topics for assistance.

Screen is black, no rainbow. My HD TV and my HD PC Display both do not report a sync signal or a resolution. They do however recognize there is a HDMI cable connection with power. When I power down, it shows no cable connected. Food for thought, the Pi 3 B is only drawing 0.08 amps with the Ubuntu SD card installed with power on. Normally, it always draws over 0.5 amps when running other images.

It sounds like there is a problem reading the micro-SD card, so nothing happens, possibly by how it was written.

Do the LEDs flash in any particular pattern?


I tried on another hdmi tv… it cannot detect the proper resolution… worst still no sound with hdmi sharp tv.