Ubuntu MATE 16.04 will not boot



Problem(s) :fearful:

  • My notebook (64-bit ARM) is not booting anymore.
  • My Installation is broken (it is usually running Ubuntu MATE 16.04)

Observations : :slight_smile:

  • No BIOS nor UEFI
  • SD cards boot before EmmC on my notebook
  • The screen remains dark after more than 10 trials to power off/on with the upper right button…even when holding the shift/CTRL button

Cause :slight_smile: :

I think it is because of these commandlines :sob:

$ wget https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-b..._arm64.deb

$ dpkg -i linux-image-4.13.0-rc1-rockchip-ayufan-93-ga1d4fc4_0.5.5_arm64.deb

$ sudo grub-reboot 1 ; reboot 

Resolution :persevere:

The actions I took were :

  • attempt to partition an SD card to boot on Grub( partially failed)
  • verify whether I had Synaptics, apturl or else (success)
  • verify if Grub was installed (not installed)
  • change from apturl to synaptic (success)
  • verify the distribution (but I suspect the command has been forged to pretend it was Kali Linux) and it seems to be an Ubuntu MATE 16.04
  • download boot-repair and Grub (success)
  • double-click on the zip to install boot-repair and Grub (fail)
  • enter the commands that broke my installation
  • try to reboot holding shift/escape (fail)

Solution(s) :worried:

  • Replace (a part) of the Kernel ?