Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Progress Update


@Wimpy has some news about the future of Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Yakkety Yak.

Snappy packages, GTK3, MATE 1.14, HiDPI, and more towards our retrospective future. :ubuntu_mate:


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HiDPI, is going to be a thing. Really, it is. With MATE 1.14 built against GTK3+ we have initial HiDPI support working. Don’t get too excited, this is an all or nothing implementation. It can be enabled via an environment variable and a session restart, but once done, all GTK3 applications (not just MATE) will be rendered using high quality pixel doubling. If you have a 4K display, it looks ace :smiley:

can you tell us how to do this, please? env=“I cannot see anything” has not worked for me!

evolution looks rather bizarre, at least on the live usb version


Osx gtk3 Themes not working

Hi Martin,
Congrats! Great news for ubuntu mate future!
With GTK3+ switching and new tecnologies, ubuntu mate will be the best ubuntu flavour.

For the MATE Menu and GNOME Main Menu problems, why don’t adopt an Advanced Menu based on a tweaked version of Panther Launcher from Rastersoft? It’s a modern and fast menu forked from Slingshot Launcher.

Thank you!


Really nice idea!! It would give a really modern look and feel.

Please, could you post it in the"Thoughts & Feedback" section?

Regards!! :grinning:


Ok, good idea. Regards!

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