[Ubuntu Mate 16.10] Top menu crashes all the time

If Munity is enabled (or just add a Top Menu Panel Applet), clicking on the top menu makes the app crash

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Hi @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

try running “dpkg” per the update guide and see if that helps? (A network cable connection is required!):

That happened even on the live cd. My installation is fresh, not an upgrade (so there is no chance for broken packages).

Hi @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

how did you create your install media, via a disk and did you burn the disk at the slowest possible speed?:

I used Rufus to create the UbuntuMate live USB. Anw, does that have anything to do with this topmenu-panel crash problem?

You can try it too, just download and install virtual box. And then choose boot from CD pointing to the Ubuntu Mate 16.10 iso file. Then in the live session, open Mate Tweak and change to the Panel mode to Munity. Now if an app has a menu, it will crash upon the menu is clicked.

I have used Rufus also but my iso was 16.04 and later updated to 16.10. Would you try to delete all the panels, top and bottom and start creating again?

@Smin_Rana I did, but it still crashed. You can try too, just virtualbox and try it, less than 15 minutes.

Sorry to hear that. Do you see any popup when it happens? Do you see any message on the popup?

The app just disappear, there is some dialog to send an error report a moment after the crash.

Is there any workaround (if possible) while waiting for the fix?

HI @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

I have just installed UM16.10 (32 Bit) on a test partition, give me a while and I will see what happens to it!. :smiley:

Hi @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

I just tried it and there is a panel on the left, take a look at my screenshot and have you changed anything else to Mutiny?:

Now, you open something that has a menu, for example caja, click on the menu of it, caja will crash

Hi @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

all apps and menu's are working fine on my version (UM16.10 - 32 Bit):

You can try running the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) to update any missing dependencies you may/may not have:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

You tested with Libre Office, which does not support the top menu. As you could see, it only has menu within its window.

You need to test with the apps that supports the top menu (such as caja, galculator, …). After Munity is enabled, the menu will move from the app to the top bar. Clicking on the menu (that’s why this is called top menu panel applet) on the top bar will crash the app.

I got a screenshot here

As you can see, caja is opened. Clicking on the menu (the position at the mouse pointer) causes caja to crash. This happens to all other apps (that have top menu).

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Hi @Ph_m_Tien_Sinh,

I get what you mean because Caja crashes for me too!. It may be related to this bug report?:


Maybe or maybe not, because the bug’s status is fixed, and someone mentioned that “This is fixed in Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Beta 1.”

Then I don’t know, it may be down to Compiz but I am not sure?.

What about your GPU, did you install any drivers?. :smiley:

Well, I installed this on a portable SSD, and I used it on many machines. The top menu crashed on all of the machines. You also confirmed it crashed on your side right? I doubt it to be a hardware issue. I didn’t use compiz either.