Ubuntu Mate 18.04 (32bit) on Raspberry Pi2b v1.2

I have been using Ubuntu Mate successfully on my Raspberry Pi2b v1.2 for the last year.

I am trying to create a fresh install onto a new SD Card to use with the same RBP2, but no luck in achieving this yet.

I am using Balena Etcher on my MacBookPro to flash the SD Card (same as before) and I am using the exact same brand / model of SD Card.

The version that is working is 18.04.2, so I have also tried flashing this exact version, but this did not work either.

When the new flash drives are inserted into the RBP2 and I turn on the PSU, both the red and green lights light up and stay this way (normally the green light will start flashing on boot)… nothing comes on screen.

I really can’t understand what is going wrong so would apprieciate any help in this matter.