Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 2 is available now!


You should already know what to expect from the 18.04 Beta 2 release thanks to the updates I've posted here recently, but you can get the full release notes and download below :smiley:


Great news!

I’ve got Beta 1 loaded right now, what’s the best way to upgrade? Start with a fresh install, install Beta 2 over the top of Beta 1, or just keep applying the updates through my current install?

Edit: Never mind, saw that you posted this in the Beta 1 announcement.
“Thanks for the feedback, you’ll be able to update your way to final, no reinstall required.”


Sounds probably stupid but I’m new to UM (Linux too):

I have installed UM18.04B1. How do I update/upgrade to Beta 2 and this includes the final UM 18.04?
I have ran all updates but I can only see that I’m using 18.04 LTS. I expect a kind of upgrade that I had done in a Linux Mint 18.1 to 18.3 test.

Thanks for your patience.


Great ! Tested the installation today:

  • installation failed if I’ve connected to the WLAN and chose to update while installation is running
  • installation works as expected if I did not connect to the WLAN during installation and updated only after reboot after installation
  • etcher cannot be installed via Software Boutique
  • Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate does not work (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1759860 & https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1743094) - but this is not MATE related
  • missing YT-Downloader & Pinta in the Software Boutique (I know where to get them)
  • everything else works like a charm, as far as I have been able to test
  • like the Brisk Menu for the “Traditional” layout - snappy and effective; missing it for the “Redmond” layout (YES, I do prefer this one having only one “toolbar” / “task bar” / “panel” or how you’d like to call it)
  • will test the installation on a different PC - Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate is an ESSENTIAL functionality for me (no, please do not tell me to use “Suspend”, for Desktop PCs that are offline for more than 14 hours a day - I hate notebooks for 23 years now!)

Thank you for this great update :smile:
Looking forward for the official release later this month :sunglasses:


From what I understand, since you are already on 18.04 LTS Beta 1, you should just be able to keep applying software updates and you will get all the fixes in Beta 2. This should be true even when the final release comes out towards the end of this month. You’re not really shifting versions, you’re just picking up the updates to the 18.04 version.


Installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 2 on second PC (ASUS B150M Gaming)

Thank you all, once again, for the great job you’ve done :smiley:

If the “Hibernate / Resume from Hibernate” will not be fixed until official release, I will keep Ubuntu MATE 17.10 on my PCs. “Hibernating” a PC and correctly restoring the session is one of the main features I use since WinXP back to its release. No, the “Automatically remember running applications when logging out” of the “Control Center - Startup Applications - Options” is not an option for me - a lot of applications do not start/restore correctly.

If there is anything I can help in further testing, please simply tell me what to do. I will be very happy to help :slight_smile:


Wow. I just installed 18.04 Beta 2 with full-disk encryption and I’m very impressed. I read the other posts and unchecked the “update during install” just in case. I was connected to the WAN. My screen did hang after I clicked restart as described, but I gave it a little time, then just shut down the PC and everything went great when I restarted it.

I transferred my app settings from 17.10 and installed all my programs. The only thing I use that I didn’t find in the repos is pdftk, which I’m hoping gets added by the time 18.04 is released. The plugin for my HP printer was even available already!

The new Familiar panel layout looks just like the modified Contemporary layout I’ve been using in 17.10, so it was definitely “familiar.”

I was curious about speed, since I’ve read that 18.04 is supposed to be quicker. I used systemd-analyze’s “time” function to check boot on the system with 17.10 and then with the same configuration after installing and updating 18.04 B 2.

Boot time with 17.10:
Kernel = 11.920s
Userspace = 9.038s
Total = 20.959s

Boot time with 18.04:
Kernel = 11.384s
Userspace: 8.525s
Total: 19.910s

That machine is running an SSD for the primary drive, so the speed improvements may be more dramatic with an HDD, but that’s still a significant improvement.

I’m trying to restrain myself from updating my production machine.


What are the recommended steps before running a dist-upgrade(from 17.10)?
Timeshift is a good tool to make a system backup before upgrading?


Just completed an upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04. This is the login screen I get. Looks a lot like the old one but shoved over to the left, where the new one would be. Upon logging in I got an error message saying that Ubuntu 16.04 had encountered a problem but the System Monitor listed the system as being 18.04.

The desktop did not change layout nor did it it add indicator applets.

Rebooting did not fix either issue. Then I opened Mate-Tweak and changed the layout from Familiar (which wasn't in fact displaying) to Traditional, that made the indicators show up again.

Is there a log or something I can get to you? If so let me know what and where and I will get that to you before I install 17.10 and see how an upgrade goes.

EDIT: Also, encountered this issue while upgrading.


I’m waiting for a stable version
Soon I will get a new computer
Only Ubuntu MATE will be on it and it must be stable
So 14 more days for a stable version


I also require the same programs plus KODI for watching IPTV


Thumbs up for the UM team that took Pinta out of Software Boutique. The Ubuntu team has listed it in Software, but no one seems to have tested it. Pinta doesn’t work anymore. I installed it on Ubuntu 18.04 Beta and it had the same crash issues. It would need to be fixed by the Pinta team.


So today is 25th april… and when we can found button DOWNLOAD UBUNTU MATE 18.04? (stable)


@Vladimir75, I think tomorrow (the 26th) is the big day, but you can download the latest build here and beat the rush.



Ubuntu MATE is definitely the best by my opinion
MATE is easy for use and have stability also full control of installed programs
I dont know why the people change this?

Also, enough lightweight for my netbook from year 2010
Enoguh capable to surf the internet in one desktop while watch KODI iPTV in another working desktop…

Before install the new 18.04 I’ve already make full backup of EXT4 partition with 16.04 which works fantastic

Many thanks to the MATE team and Ubuntu MATE team from the heart


Not only that, you can help us test it before the final release by installing and/or upgrading and (just as importantly) reporting any bugs that you find!


Just want to say thanks for everything … Just did 2 weeks on the beta version and decided to stay with Ubuntu Mate instead of Manj… I’m ready for the final release :slight_smile: ! Everything is so simple and powerful with mate! Thanks for that good work.


Just read there was a stop because of an issue with try Ubuntu. Better now, then too late.
Ubuntu 18.04 works by no means as stable as Ubuntu Mate 18.04.
Thanks UM team!

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