Ubuntu mate 20.04 vs debian testing/unstable mate from netinstall

base for ubuntu is debian, so I check how it looks and feel when you use debian testing/unstable.
I tried to recreate the environment of ubuntu-mate.


  1. there is no indicators. you can install ayatana indicators(session, notifications, messages), but there is no sound indicator or time indicator
  2. mate-tweak have only 2 or 3 profiles for mate-panel
  3. global menu don't work with mate dekstop environment, it's work with libreoffice, qt apps like vlc
  4. hud - if global menu don't get menu from app hud don't work :frowning_face: It's strange most of packages fave this same version in ubuntu. Maybe there is some extra patches for gtk libs in ubuntu
  5. default themes are not for me, so adapta and papius make the work for look and feel as modern desktop
  6. You must add your user to sudo group. If you install debian-live-mate iso it's there.
  7. when you use testing and unstable repos packages are up to date. Ex. libreoffice 7.0 rc or blender 2.83
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