Ubuntu mate atril

When I use atril to view tiff images I have problems, no problems with bmp images; when i read bmp images I can click next button to go to the next image; why I can’t do the same thing with tif images?
Thank you

Why are you using the PDF reader (atril) to view images files?
Isn’t Eye Of Mate the recommended application?

when I double click a .tif file altix starts
how can I do?

Right click on one of .tif files and choose Open with Eye of MATE Image Viewer.

If you want .tif files to open in Eye of MATE each time choose Open with other Application and find Eye of MATE on list and make sure you have Remember this application checked like on photo below and click Open.

That should fix your problem @robzane.

I do wonder why the default setting for .tif files is Atril and not Eye of MATE in my quite fresh install of Ubuntu MATE 16.04 in VBox and I haven't changed that much. Maybe someone else could look into it.


thank you

i hope ubuntu mate team can correct that problem for next versions

It isn’t a problem with mate . It is problem with XDG .