Ubuntu Mate / Caja Rename Issue

I am using ubuntu mate 18.04. From last few days, every time I create a new file on my laptop or try to rename a file, file rename cell does not show up clearly. I am attaching a gif that will help you understand my issue.

Looks like it could be the theme that's causing the issue -- does this happen with other themes?

If it's just this specific theme, it's worth raising an issue on their bug tracker (if they have one) so they can address the problem.

I just noticed that most themes draw a border around the label - which looks absent on the theme you're using.


It is happening on all themes.!

This was this week logged by @terzag.

I don't think that's related. My issue is that files can't be renamed at all in some specific context, not a corrupted display.

The issue @shahmoeen has, would IMO rather be caused by:

  • the theme used (he says it's happening on all themes but it looks like he tried various icon themes; I would rather suggest trying a different GTK theme);

  • or a compositing issue (might be worth trying the three ones we have available: Marco, Compton or Compiz, or even try disabling composition altogether to see if something changes);

  • or a graphic driver issue: has there been any updates recently to the one used (proprietary dirver for nVidia, Mesa for AMD/Intel, or whatever else is used for exotic GPUs)?

I have experienced the same what you, @terzag, had as well as this one here, but I had no time to look closely when it happed.
I think the recent 18.04.2 is a bit wobbly.