Ubuntu Mate + Cinnamon?

Hi everyone, I finally decided to try out Ubuntu Mate, and I’m extremely impressed. I think that Ubuntu Mate with MateMenu and Wimpy’s Mate Tweaks GUI, plus the Compiz 4-corner/top-bottom window snapping is an OS that I could happily live with it.

But, if I commit to Ubuntu Mate and then later decide that I need some applet or functionality of Cinnamon, are there any recommendations for a good Cinnamon PPA? I assumed that Ubuntu would be extremely well supported by Cinnamon since it’s the base for Mint, but I’m not finding any definitive Cinnamon PPAs for the non-LTS Ubuntu releases.

The reason for this question is that I think even for Cinnamon users, Ubuntu Mate would be an ideal base to install Cinnamon on top of. It’s a nice, clean, well-supported distro with a great selection of default applications. Of course the elephant in the room here is Mint, but because they decided to stick with the LTS releases it’s not ideal for all of my needs. I would prefer to stick with a current Ubuntu base, and Ubuntu Mate provides the ideal Ubuntu base for a Cinnamon spin, in my opinion.

Thanks for any replies!

What applet or functionality of Cinnamon would you really need? I ask because I have never really used Cinnamon. What can that DE do that MATE can’t do? Since it is just a highly customized GNOME 3 desktop I would think it would be kind of heavy in comparison to MATE. Can you compile Cinnamon from source?

Hmm, for starters there is an applet to control individual sound streams with PulseAudio:

I always enjoyed this system monitor applet:

I also really like the dynamic workspaces that Cinnamon offers. I start with one workspace, and I use the expo applet to see the apps overview, then there's a big + button to add workspaces and move the apps between different workspaces.

Yes, but I hate doing that. :stuck_out_tongue: I'm lazy and would prefer a PPA.