Ubuntu-mate for raspberry pi 3 model b+


Thanks for creating the images, sadly they don’t work for me. As it starts up there is an error that flashes up saying unable to load kernel modules. It continues on but then the install/config fails


Ok so ignore that. It seems the error during setup was down to the wifi config. I skipped that and the setup completed. Load kernel modules error is still visible on boot but seems to be carrying on ok


Thanks from me, too! :grin: Works perfectly and after a big dissapointment realizing that my RPi 3+ will not work with Ubuntu Mate, you made my day. Maybe this is obvious to those mastering Linux, but to save others’ time and nerves: it is worth noting that any subsequent software update should be done with caution. Firstly , boot partition is too small for upgrades and needs to be resized. And, firefox, for instance, did not work after upgrading. I didn’t bother downgrading it, but rather reinstalled the whole OS anew.
All in all, it serves it purposes as it is.


Please just give us some feedback on:

A) that someone is actually working on an 18.04 raspberrypi release
B) if so, approximately when will it be released


It is out already, you just need to run the software update program after you install 16.4 LTS. You may have to increase the boot partition’s size to get the updater to work though :expressionless:.


Firefox does work if you upgrade to 18.4 LTS :grinning:, but there does not seem to be another way to fix it :disappointed:.


Using a RPI 3B, I did a clean install of UM 16.02 from UM website, resized the boot partition, updated 16.04 to 16.04.5.
Used the suggested software update program and after many hours had 18.04 running. At the end the boot partition
only used 22MB so it seemed like increasing the boot partition was not needed. (normally 63MB increased to 276MB, 254MB free, 8% used)

I then put the 18.04 mSD card into RPI 3B+and it hung at the rainbow screen, as per usual.

IT would appear that the fix suggested by SuperOz31 does work for an RPI 3B BUT does not work for a RPI 3B+!!

Any suggestions by someone using an RPI 3B+ ?

Please just give us some feedback on:

A) that someone is actually working on an 18.04 raspberrypi release
B) if so, approximately when will it be released


So I have been working on this also, with the above torrent link I was able to load the image successfully on the Pi. I also was able to upgrade successfully to 18.04 and have no issues. I am not sure how to share the image file as i have not done that yet. If someone can help me with that i will gladly share the image so others can use it.


It doesn’t work on the 3B+ anyways. Upgrade works fine on a 3B, but as soon as you put the SD card into an 3B+, it won’t boot. Updating firmware will make it boot, but my USB devices stopped working as well as WLAN.


Hi… I found that my Pi is based on arm V6. The performance is very low with the V6. I want to buy a RPi 3 B Plus but it is not available for now so I will wait.I was wondering why the performance of my Pi 3 was so slow and basically unusable. I think that it is the reason.

printed circuit board

  1. Raspberry pi is so slow because of SD write speed, move to hdd/ssd and it will be improved significantly.
  2. Mount a heat sink to processor, after it reach a threshold temperature it will significantly drop in speed, (it will start faster and quick it will slow down if you use a browser witch will heat up the processor)