Ubuntu MATE in DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 601, 16 March 2015

Ubuntu MATE is featured in DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 601, 16 March 2015.



Very cool and congrats! I would like to mention most people miss using GNOME 2.x since GNOME shell came out :wink:

Maybe a pity Jesse did not wait for the upcoming 15.04 or try the 14.04 version which is actually newer than 14.10 and already got some of the 15.04 improvements like the interface switcher.
What was present on 14.10 and not discussed in Jesse’s review is the fact that the user may choose either the traditional Gnome 2 menu or the Mint-derived MATE menu. I personally think it is something quite nice for people who have gotten used to hitting the super key to search for an application. Maybe something to mention in the Ubiquity slide show?
But most importantly, overall a very positive review and the ones from Distrowatch are the ones that do count!
Let’s see if Ubuntu MATE launches like a rocket now in the Distrowatch page view statistics… :grin:

It was a generally well done review, although the point about the stalled installation was an odd one - I have never come across anything similar in any Ubuntu (or derivative) installation, and I’ve done a few. Perhaps it was a momentary network break?

(It probably shouldn’t have been mentioned - if it were reproducible, that would’ve been worth writing about).

Also, Deja Dup isn’t unique to Ubuntu MATE - it’s part of “stock” Ubuntu :expressionless: