Ubuntu MATE Launchpad Bug Team

I’ve come to UM from Kubuntu and I’ve noticed a lack of any Ubuntu MATE teams in launchpad (I do QA on releases for Kubuntu (well I did)).
I’m proposing we have a ‘Ubuntu MATE Bug Squad’, because I think it would help to have dedicated/focused QA members actively testing releases, to the benefit of UM. I am in QA as my professional job and I have a dedicated ‘QA Rig’ which I load ISO’s onto for testing. It would be great to have others in a single team.

And because Kubuntu has one :smile:



Sounds like a good idea. I myself am looking for ways to get more involved also. With a little guidance, it sounds like it would be a great place to start.

@ad4m Yes, we do need to establish a QA team. Are you volunteering to help get this started?

Absolutely, I’m glad you are interested.

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I am volunteering to assist if needed...but mind you, I require learning :slight_smile:

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I could add a tutorial at some point about what to look for, how to check things etc. This won’t be a problem.

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@ad4m and @Wimpy, has anything come of this? I’m ready for action!

I’m still here, though not as active as I would like to be (family eh)… I’m still ready for action!

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/me must write “How to contribute” documentation :expressionless: