Ubuntu-MATE low memory edition


i hope someday Ubuntu-MATE will release Ubuntu-MATE low memory edition, maybe for low spec PC for 1 or 2 GB RAM ?


Ubuntu MATE requires at least 1GB RAM, 2GB for a smooth experience, so I don't see what the problem is here.


hi there! :slight_smile:

mostly not the distro is what consuming ur ram but ur browser with those fancy websites... try m.facebook.com and when ur getting the loader for gmail (just delete the end of the address, so leave just gmail.com to get it) and there switch to the simple html version... those will save u a huge amount of ram! ive got 4g ram, im a developer, im using my machine very heavily, but actually fb is the beast that always consumes my ram.... since ive switched to these i have much more time for myself. like they wont beg me all the time with their crap :smiley: ive got my phone next to me that vibrates on incoming messages if im in the middle of an important conversation :smiley: there are a few glitches, but i can live with them, in worse case i can switch back for a fast task and feel the difference how it consumes my life til my ram doesnt say its enough fun for that round... a pro tip: use tab+enter for sending messages there, as enter wont help u. theres no javascript on it at all! so cool! :smiley: in gmail, there shoud be a bit, as i get a dropdown menu on type for contacts when i write a letter... for yt, there is youtube-dl, but im still not that far from the convenient world :smiley:

i hope these can help u, bests! :slight_smile:


Ubuntu MATE's goal is not to be a distro for low power machines, however it works well as such.

I regularly use MATE inside virtual machines with 1 or 2 CPU cores and 2GB of RAM. It won't run the latest game, but I do development work on them without issues.


I've installed MATE 32 bit on an atom with 2 GB RAM and recently (last Christmas) installed MATE 32 bit 18.04 on a couple of Pentium laptops w 2 GB RAM that ran quite nicely. Slow but steady.


thanks alot for all comments!