Ubuntu MATE Merchandise Survey

Hello everyone,

We have created a very short survey to gauge everyone’s interest in Ubuntu MATE merchandise to help determine where to focus our efforts and best serve the community. If you could please take a moment and fill it out. We would greatly appreciate it.

Click here to be taken to Merchandise Survey


Survey done. You’re welcome.

On the first question I typed in the “other” text box and hit enter to finish the box and it finished the survey. I have no idea what else was asked.

Not sure what happened, but the survey is actually pretty old from when we were planning out the shop. What was your other @xtrchessreal ?

@parzzix I typed, “It depends on my economical status”
Thanks for responding, it sounds like you already have the survey data you needed. I am new here, I was just trying to be helpful. Thanks for your efforts

No problem @xtrchessreal, welcome to the neighbourhood. All input is good input.