Ubuntu MATE mouse/touchpad acceleration

I’ve been using Ubuntu MATE since september and it’s the only disto that
I’ve seen that uses 4.x.x kernel that supports Focaltech touchpad’s
which are used on Asus laptops.

The only problem I have that
touchpad and mouse acceleration are in the same setting so each time I
use mouse I have to set acceleration to “off” and when I use touchpad I
have to set acceleration “on”.

This week I tried Linux Mint on
usb and it detected my touchpad then I upgraded it to kernel 4.x.x. and
it even has a seperate settings for mouse and touchpad inputs.

Is there any way I can set this in Ubuntu MATE?
Thanks :slight_smile:

What version of Ubuntu MATE are you using?

15.10 with MATE desktop 1.12.1