Ubuntu Mate & Plex Media Server on Pi 2

Hi, I’m new to Ubuntu so if this is a dumb question - sorry in advance.

I installed Ubuntu Mate 15.04 on my Raspberry Pi 2 fairly quickly - and after some time I got Plex Media Server installed as well.

All of my media files are located on a NAS within my network. I can see my NAS and get to the files under the /Places/Network menu. The problem arises when I try to add the media file locations in Plex because no matter what I can’t seem to add those network areas in Plex.

How do I map network drives so that I can add them in Plex?

In plex I manually type in the network location like this: /servername/share/media/plex/tv%20shows

but it will never find content no matter how I try to add the files.

any ideas?

I have no idea myself, try starting here:


Issue is likely permissions within Plex. Get into the config file and set the user to your local use stead of plex. Had the same problem, learned my lesson.