Ubuntu MATE presents message from Bluetooth

Good evening, I'm new my name is Luigi, I recently installed Mate.
At the start I get a message from Bloutooth, I want to know how I can delete it

Buona sera, sono nuovo mi chiamo Luigi, ho da poco installato Mate.
All'avvio mi si presenta un messaggio del Bloutooth, vorrei sapere come posso eliminarlo

Welcome Luigi, have you got a screenshot of the message you see? :camera:

Also, please post in English (try an online translator) as we don't have the numbers for a dedicated :it: Italian category.

Now I see that I am inserting the image of what is presented to me at startup.

Questo e quanto confronta.

I solved the problem by going to programs that start at startup, and I removed the program now everything is fine.
Thank you, Luigi Andrenacci