Ubuntu Mate Rasp3 external SSD mount/automount drives me nuts

I want to use this setup:

It works. For some seconds or some minutes.

THen Ubuntu always tries to mount the SSD a second time into another location (/media/user/EA132323 ) and this breaks the torrents/deluged.

I don’t think it is a power problem. It is a SSD and I have a 2500 mA USB power supply on my Rasperry.

How can I prevent Ubuntu mounting any external SSD?
When the problem occurs two processes are running that were not running before:

  1. ubs-storage
  2. mount.ntfs

Please any advice? As far as I know I deactivated any automount of storage. Also, this is totally stupid. A system should NEVER automount something out of the box.

Please, any advice?

Power problem, solved by software config

config.txt add the line: max_usb_current=1.