Ubuntu Mate Rolling Edition?

I'd suggested this idea on the Ubuntu Discourse Site, but since it wasn't appreciated, I'd ask the community if they would say 'yes' to such an idea. I'm not looking for an answer which says use the development version.

Note: I'm not new to the Ubuntu Ecosystem and have arrived from the direct Ubuntu Community. :slight_smile:

This wouldn't be Ubuntu anymore.
If you want a distro with a rolling release model that sports the MATE Desktop, why don't you try
Manjaro MATE or Solus MATE or OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with the MATE desktop environment ?


Exactly what Utsuro said. Ubuntu releases on a predictable, regular cadence, and a 'rolling release' Ubuntu MATE would simply not be Ubuntu.

There's always Debian Testing if you want more recent stuff, or, as Utsuro mentioned, Manjaro - I've used it, and it's really a nice implementation of MATE.

Me, I like stability :slight_smile:


Point release is why ubuntu is more popular than other distros. Moving to a rolling release would lose all the benefits of installing an lts for example.

But this might be useful for some users who want to remain on the bleeding edge without using the Testing Version as it is not suitable for production. :slight_smile:

Debian testing is what a rolling release would be. Its whats considered finished and ready for production but hasnt been tested. This is the testing before a point release snaps what they consider tested enough. A rolling release misses out the testing period of the beta that has been tested, patched then packaged for release.

Debian Testing isn't tested officially. The Rolling Release Edition could be tested before being rolled out! :slight_smile:

What you have described is debian stable, its main disadvantage is that packages are very stable but often out of date. A point release is what resolves this problem of debian stable and why most people use ubuntu over debian stable. Go load up debian stable and see for yourself. Its a rolling release exactly like you just described but packages will all be older than you are used to.

Ubuntu mint have a debian stable version of their OS exactly like this. Its just kind of feels super old if you use it.

I know :slight_smile: If developers could just roll out packages and kernel updates etc. could be rolled out on time, it'd be wonderful.

The reason why I've suggested this idea is that the system remains up to date rather than being out of date.

Dont let the word ‘testing’ in debian testing fool you. It is very stable and very good. It is basically exactly what you are asking for. If you try it you will see what I mean. Its not beta software and works very well, very stable and is an excellent choice. It just has the word testing in its name.

But Debian Testing does have many issues. I rebooted after installation and it would boot into initramfs. The next time I installed it, it would show 'Problem Occurred' and would hang up.

Dude I have used it for years and had no problems so most due to your specific setup. If you are still learning you should be using timeshift and btrfs to rollback any changes you make that can break things.

Nah, faced the issue on a Samsung Notebook Series 3 and on a Surface.

Dude I cant really comment on why after you installed it and rebooted it was broken for you on two separate systems but I can assure you many many people do not have the same issue. I mean think about it. Each release of Ubuntu os pulled from debian testing. How is it possible then every 6 months that ubuntu releases a stable version based off debian testing of its unusable like you say?

This bug might affect some other people, though. A Rolling Release should be packaged on top of the Ubuntu Mate Stable branch, rather than development.

@pallebone It is tested thoroughly by the Ubuntu devs with the priority of being Stable and is then released. If you check the Launchpad Page of Ubuntu, you'd find that there are around 2000 packages more in Ubuntu than in Debian.

It doesnt quite work like that. Im running 20.04 now and can tell you anytime there is a change in a debian package that’s immediately pulled into ubuntu 20.04 because I get the update right away. The other day the entire version of MATE updated on my 20.04 install. There was no extended testing done by the Ubu devs before I got it. It just arrived fresh and for me to start testing myself. A rolling release is by definition forgoing extended testing otherwise how can it be a rolling release which constantly receives the latest updates? You get the latest update when devs of a package think its ready in this method.

Even in Focal Fossa, after partitioning, 'Problem Occurred' appears. Try it for yourself in VirtualBox. The latest updates could be approved after being tested at least once and they could be released.

I might also add that snaps actually allow you to have a mix of stable point released software (like the base OS) while being on latest as they are released packages for other software (like firefox say) if you snap install that. So maybe you just want to snap install software that you want the moment its ready while staying on a point release for stablility?

Im using 20.04 as my daily driver on my laptop and dont get a ‘problem occured’, nor have I had any issues since I installed it in November and have used it daily since then dude. I actually have no idea how you are even getting a problem in virtualbox when you install it. Dont you think more people would have noticed if focal fossa couldnt even be installed in Virtualbox by now? Its literally 6 weeks until release. I am genuinely at a loss to explain how installation in virtualbox isnt working for you. That makes no sense at all to me.