Ubuntu Mate saves the day!

My 74 year old mother has had a screwed up Windows laptop for well over a year. I have offered to install Linux many times but she always said no. Yesterday she called and said she was fed up with her laptop because nothing would work.

Her laptop is several years old. It could run the heavier desktop environments but I thought she would appreciate Mate and it’s simple elegance. Every bit of her hardware just worked, including her high end HP printer.

My mom was blown away because I did not need any drivers and everything worked perfectly. She was really happy! She liked the look and feel and said that she couldn’t wait to tell my aunt about it!


Awesome. Now get her to use all the open-source apps she could ever use on Windows and she’ll be set for life.

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My mom is running open source, she is running Ubuntu Mate 15.10. She actually called me yesterday to say how much she likes the new operating system! She told me that she was on the computer all day and that she really liked it!

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