Ubuntu mate the best linux distro :ubuntu_mate:


I use both PC and Mac computers depending on what I want to do and to stay up on both. I build and service computers as a sideline/hobby.
I have been experimenting with various Linux distros for years looking for an alternative to Windows and Mac. I have yet to find a distro that I like enough to make the change. I loaded 18.04 on my AMD/64 quad core machine with 16Gb of memory with an M2 drive...very fast! I really like this distro. I am hoping Ubuntu Mate is going to be the distro that blends the benefits of both PC and Mac for me.
Thanks much!


I went through ubuntu 17 ... then ubuntu 18.04 ... and ubuntu 18.10 ... but now UBUNTU MATE 18.10 AND I AM SUPER HAPPY THIS THEME IS MY FACE.......
\ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: / I'm crazy about the quality of this work on Ubuntu 18.10 Mate Abused of more in quality and beauty without bug I'm delirious with this work .. Congrats is fascinating


Sem duvida o Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS é a melhor distribuição , pode ser modificada a gosto , eu ja uso o Ubuntu Mate a muito tempo , gosto dimais


Paulo temos que criar uma comunidade aqui e portugues amigo...


Parece uma boa idéia. Não sei se há muitos usuários no Brasil, no entanto. Pelo que vejo no Forum Ubuntu Linux-pt não.

Mas para mim também é a melhor distribuição Linux. Satisfeitissimo com o 18.04!


I agree! I've tried numerous distros and this is the best one by far! Well done Ubuntu MATE Team!


entao ainda nao conheces o 18.10 muito melhor


Acredito. Mas o 18.10 não é uma versão "provisória", a ser abandonada em breve? Não terá, por essa razão, muitos "bugs"?

Agora deixaste-me tentado...


opinião encontrada em um blog:

I wouldn’t advise upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 from 18.04. This is because 18.10 is supported for nine months only and you will need to upgrade again after nine months. 18.04 on the other hand is supported till the year 2023.


But if you like living on the edge, you can upgrade from existing Ubuntu 18.04 install to Ubuntu 18.10.


I have been away for a while exploring other distros, looking for the perfect one to put on my wife's laptop. I ended up putting one on it that I am now regretting, and am reconsidering, looking for an alternative. It wasn't long ago that UM was my everyday system, but I too eventually settled on something else (I'll keep names to myself here). Then I couldn't sleep last night, and I suddenly remembered, "Oh yeah, Ubuntu Mate!" I downloaded and ran it live today and was extremely impressed. My problem may be solved! I'll be installing it on my system tomorrow. I like using the Pantheon theme, but putting the dock on top, and bringing the start menu down to the bottom. Best of both worlds IMO. I think it will be perfect for her, much easier to navigate than the KDE she now has. While pretty, it takes awhile to get to your choice, where the mate menu is now as quick as XFCE.
it seems that some of the bugs from 16.04 have been worked out, like moving stuff around on the desktop. I also think she will love the Software Boutique. It's loaded with goodies. So, is it the best? That's like asking if Bach, Mozart or Beethoven is the best composer. But it is definitely very high on the list.


Então já testou? é espetacular em? Ubuntu mate 18.10 é ímpar sem duvida...


acabo de fazer o upgrade. Agora é testar.

Depois do rugby...


at My workplace we mostly used Ubuntu 16.04 32 bit for our 200 Computer systems which mostly having AMD processor and 2GB of RAM. Emplyees in our organization use this OS for calling(through Twinkle VoIP), surfing internet, office(libreoffice) work. But sometimes if any app hangs then complete OS has been freeze then you don't have any option remain other than restart the system. but recently I have download Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and installed it on 20 systems for trial purpose. and it's result is very satisfactory than Ubuntu.

*if any application hangs in Ubuntu MATE then it doesn't freezes entire system

  • VoIP Call Quality is clear in Ubuntu MATE than Ubuntu
  • it feels like more stable than Ubuntu
  • it is more user friendly than Ubuntu Unity desktop.
  • More customization option than Ubuntu Unity
  • system hangs very rarely

I very much love this Ubuntu Mate OS than any other Linux distro.
before using Ubuntu MATE I have tried Kubuntu and Lubuntu in our workplace systems, but employees complaints that they are not user friendly. but after installing Ubuntu MATE they are refused to get back to Ubuntu Unity. Even I also fall in Love of it Bacause of it's stability and simplicity. Now I have got less problem from employees about Ubuntu MATE and we started to install it on all of our Computer systems at our workplace.
Thanks once again for such a nice & stable distro keep it up Ubuntu MATE.


Actually, Antonio Vivaldi and Gustav Holst are the best. :slight_smile:


Exactly. It's in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.


Loving it so much I installed it on three machines. Two at home and one at work.
It's so easy to tweak and it plays nice too.

I've used Normal Ubuntu for years and also Fedora (both are superb distros too),
but Mate is like a breath of fresh air.

Well done team.


Just started using UM nearly 2 months now. Luv it! Will continue with help from you guys. Thanks and looking forward to it.........


Hi Wolf, in the same boat here , as a new user i'll be here for quite awhile from now on! Looking forward to it!


I second n third that! thanks...


Previous versions of Ubuntu MATE had issues with my HDMI television on another machine I use to run it on, which I believe worked with minimal issues on present versions.

UM's getting along just fine, and I do hope that GNOME team will eventually admit their faux pas once they realize just how many people still want a GTK2-like environment for the desktop. They would had been better off calling GNOME Shell GNOME Touch or GNOME Tablet UI rather than completely eschewing the userbase they served most with Ubuntu.