Ubuntu mate update borked mumble

I got an update today monday october 19 2015. and not mumble ramps up the usage of one of my cpu cores to 100% I hear no one on mumble and it crashes. this has happened on multiple versions of mumble.

Which version of Ubuntu MATE is this affecting? From the title bar, I am presuming 14.04 (trusty)?

Testing my end on Ubuntu MATE 15.04 with Mumble 1.2.8-2build1 (provided in the Ubuntu repos), it seems to be working fine.

Initially after firing it up, it did consume 100% of a CPU core. After closing and re-opening it, everything was fine again. :smile: This was connecting to my own local server, and connecting my Android and speaking into it caused no further issues. :microphone:

As a suggestion, see if there is any useful debug details leading up to the crash.

mumble -v

I Use Ubuntu Mate 14.04

this is what i get running mumble -v the last line is when I aborted the app

It is a regression in the kernel. Canonical have been informed amd will release a fix, in the meantime the work around it to boot woth the previous kernel :slight_smile:

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