Ubuntu Mate upgrade dropped internet speed to 1/5

I am brand new to Linux and no nothing how to fix this. I am trying to get off of Windows and only use Linux and am starting with Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTE. Within the last week, the Software Updater said that I had some updates and I selected to install them. Ever since then my internet speed has dropped from 75mb/s to anywhere from 6-28mb/s. I don’t know how to fix this or how to diagnose this. I tried going to the manufacturers website of the nic which is Realtek and installing the latest version but that didn’t help, same speed. I asked the internet carrier to check their lines and they came out and found nothing. I switched my harddrive on the same device and used Windows 10 on the same hardware and got the max speed of 75mb/s+.

Does anyone have any specific things I can try or links to what may help me fix this? I’m sure it’s a bug in the current update. The reason i say that is that I re-downloaded Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTE and re-installed/upgraded to the same version and when it finished, I was back up to 75mb/s. The software updater wanted to update again and I said sure again and my speed dropped back down to less than half.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Hi Brad,

try changing your software sources download location and update again per the Update Guide, this may solve the problem for you?:

My internet provider (bless em!) say that my connection is “up to 16MB/s” but as we all know; they lie a lot, I actually get a top speed of 3MB/s!. :frowning:

Hi @umbrad
Can you please provide the output of the following command:

inxi -N

Type it in a terminal open with the keys: CTRL + ALT + T

Also, please tell us if you’ve installed the “Driver + Firmware Packages” from the Welcome splash screen -> Getting started


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