Ubuntu MATE Wallpapers

A couple of wallpapers that I made on GIMP and would like to share...

The background is 'Lomo' by ivica221 and can be found here.


Here's another one, based on the default Ubuntu Trusty wallpaper...


These are absolutely beautiful. And totally inspiring. Think I’m gonna make some

@BlueAlchemy17 Glad you liked them :smiley:

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I really like the second one. Black and white wallpapers are underrated IMO – they provide great contrast with the desktop itself, making desktop elements stand out more.

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I just thought I’d say that the Ubuntu Trusty-based wallpaper really is top notch.

Do you have any plans to do the same thing with the newer wallpaper from vanilla Ubuntu?

I’m not sure about other people’s opinions, but it would make a cracker default; a not so subtle tip of the hat to Ubuntu, whilst undeniably unique… Adding a logo in the middle was fab too.


@Nathan_Russell Thanks for the compliments :smiley:
Although I’ve been a bit busy lately, I might do a couple of wallpapers and will keep your request in mind.

As requested, one based on the default Ubuntu Wily wallpaper -

Edit: A 'light' version of the same -

I've also added these wallpapers to my Github repository - https://github.com/rohithmadhavan/Ubuntu-MATE-Wily-wallpapers


Excellent as always. Thanks!

@Nathan_Russell You’re welcome :smiley:

They’re all great but I really like that shot in the first two, I see why you uploaded a both a color and BW version, because they’re both equally amazing. Good job! :smiley:

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@rohithmadhavan Mind if I use those in 16.04?


@Wimpy Not at all. It would be nice to see it included in 16.04. Feel free to do so :smiley:

Really nice. It would be really nice have it as default a wallpaper based on Ubuntu’s.