Ubuntu Mate16.04 release issues keeps crashing

This is what i found that is still not working with the release of ubuntu-mate 16.04 which i find it very frustrating. Using on pi 3.

Install google chrome browser …the browser did not run it keeps exiting!!! Nothing have been solve!!

Install midori browser…the same thing happens the browser just keeps exiting!!! How am i going to do ny work on it.

Firefox still having issues with youtube!!!

All these browsers keep crashing!!! And crashing!!!

I find using using ubuntu-mate very frustrating.

Even the wifi nm-applet keeps exiting!!!

There is no patches to solve all this problems!!!

How am i going to do my work when everything keeps crashing and crashing and crashing!!!

It’s useless!!

Even hooking up to other HDMI tv it cannot detect the proper graphic resolution…

Every ubuntu releases seems so buggy!!!

This is not the fault of ubuntu mate developpers !
There is a bug in canonical packages of chromium 49 ! We have a long there here about it ! Do you read it or just complaining here ? If you don't read it, vote on launchpad for bug fixing leave a comment there.
There is a workaround too for doing chromium working.

What are the issues ? It work perfectly on my pi3 ?

Have more respect for people here and all the devs !
All stuff is not perfect but works very great !
Have more respect for the work and people here and maybe they will help you !

Ubuntu-mate 16.04 bug submission for raspberry pi 3…already submitted to launchpad.


I am just giving feedback and i find it very frustrating not get any work done at my end.

How can i do my work if it is not working ?