Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi 3B+


I have confirmed that the same sd card that boots 16.04 also boots 18.04 allowing me to run either Mate version on external usb drives (ssd in my case). Thanks again graf_eberstein for the upgrade procedure.


You’re most welcome! Keyboard aside, I’m glad you got all of the stability issues worked out.

As for the Bluetooth keyboard issue specifically: I have five Pi systems, one being the 3B+ (typically running Ubuntu MATE), and four 3Bs for other purposes. One of those four runs LibreELEC, and I have a Bluetooth keyboard attached to it. That Pi also experiences random “amnesia” and disconnects. I always thought the problem was the keyboard, but since I don’t use that Pi much, I let it slide. However, I gave the matter another look since your remark about the issue.

I have cards with Raspbian, LibreELEC, OpenELEC, OSMC, and RetroPie images. It doesn’t matter which Pi or which image is running on it, Bluetooth disconnect/amnesia happens; only the frequency varies. However, when I subsequently attached the keyboard to my mobile devices (Android) and to my (Windows) PC, I had ZERO problems with it.

Given these results, I think it’s either a driver issue (remember, all distros have these in common), or a problem with the BT hardware implementation on the Pi… Of course, I don’t know enough about the inner workings, so this is pure speculation…


I am seeing this error at login each time I boot this upgraded 18.04 image using a xrdp remote desktop connection on my 3B+. It does not appear when I login locally. I can simply hit the escape key or click cancel and the error disappears without any apparent consequence. My efforts at googling a solution has not yielded an answer. Any idea how to resolve this minor nuisance?



Sorry. Unfortunately I don’t. :cry: