Ubuntu or Ubuntu mate starts but after a short while it crashes. Can't use mouse, can't turn off, etc. etc

Hello, I install Ubuntu or Ubuntu mate 21.10 on external SSD drive with pendrive in EFI. On the internal disk, I have windows 10. It starts normally but then it crashes, I can't use the mouse or any program. where do I retrieve the error logs '. The graphics is GPU1 AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Main/Master/Integrated/Interchangeable GPU2 AMD Radeon(TM) R7 M340 Linked/Discrete/Interchangeable CPUs AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G 4 cores, EFI partition on fat32 200 Mb Partition / on ext4 then home on ext4 then partition shared between Windows and Ubuntu on ntfs. boot bios with EFI , TPM device enabled, legacy compatibility disabled UEFI boot order boot manager Ubuntu OS (external drive). , when installing Ubuntu I do it with pendrive in . What am I doing wrong?. I would greatly appreciate your help. Should I change the partition? Should I install from a pendrive without UEFI? Should I remove UEFI in Windows 10. or should I install the Padoka files? I don't know what else to do, I tried with Ubuntu mate and with Ubuntu and it's always the same. It crashes.

Easiest fix I think that might help is to disable secure boot in bios. Also, I think for a partition to be EFI it has to be 300mb or greater. I could be mistaken and not sure it will have any impact anyway. That’s all I can suggest.

Thanks for your answer, the secure boot in Bios is disabled and the EFI partition has more than 300 Mg. I can't find the cause of the program crashing. I would have to find older versions that worked fine for me. Thank you

Uninstall Ubuntu mate. and installed 21.10, and 20.04.4, finally, 22.04. I looked at the logs, and I can't find the problem. It starts fine, at first the mouse works fine, then it crashes, and I can only use the right button, and then hit enter, I can open new pages in firefox, chrome or Opera, or programs with the right button, + enter, and then I can't select tabs, or anything. In the end the mouse ends up completely locked, and the touchpad doesn't work. The partition is dual Windows on the laptop's internal disk, and with Ubuntu on a dedicated external disk, GPT. It could be a problem with X, do I have to install the AMD program for the graphics card?, The mouse and touchpad don't have many options. Please if someone can guide me, and help me solve problems, and be able to use Ubuntu mate. I would be grateful. I don't understand how these problems, occur, Ubuntu is evolving or regressing ?. Every time, with the new kernels, you find more problems when reinstalling. or updating. This is not enough, to convince people, to use Linux instead of Windows. Before I had an old version and it worked fine. I have 8 GB of ram. Create partitions at boot for 1 Mg for bios grub on ext4; 350 Mb for EFI, (boot,esp) on fat 32, 20 Gb for / on ext4, 4 Gb for swap, 30 Gb for home on ext4, and a partition for NTFS data shared with Windows, now not readable to me, The NTFS partition is fine, and I can read it in Windows. The integrated graphics card is RADEON R7, and the AMD A12-9720P microprocessor. Thank you in advance for your help.

I'm having difficulty trying to understand what you're doing.

Have you tried a simple install (wipe and install) to the external drive without any partition configuring on your part?

You say you want to have an area to share data between Windows and UM. Is there a reason you can't use the internal drive for that? It's already NTFS and UM can read and write to it.

Your problem seems unique so it makes me think that the NTFS partition you are creating is the problem.

Just a few thoughts. Best of luck.

create Ubuntu partitions on the external hard drive, as advised in the tutorials, and leave some space left to be read by Windows and Ubuntu. This last partition is read by Windows but not by Ubuntu. But that's not the worst. Ubuntu boots up fine but after a while it crashes and I can no longer use the mouse or do anything.

I created all the necessary partitions to install ubuntu, one for system/data and one for Swap. and another for the data (/home) in ext4, I installed Ubuntu years ago, the last partition that remains is the rest of the hard drive, I install it in ntfs so that it can be read by Windows and Ubuntu. I do not receive an answer to my problem. Ubuntu loads fine, but hangs after a while. I can't use the mouse or anything and I have to restart it. If it is the integrated graphics card from AMD, and I have to install the proprietary drivers. I don't have time to do it and it crashes and hangs. How can I pre-install or include these AMD drivers, with Ubuntu mate, so that they are installed when installing Ubuntu Mate. ne can do anything with the program. This did not happen before. Thank you for an answer, that is authentic, and help me to solve the problem. I tried with many versions. I install everything everything on a dedicated external hard drive.

Try this: Press Ctrl-Alt-F1. That will cause the graphics to temporarily disappear; you should be dropped into a prompt that says something like:

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
<hostname> login:

Type your username at this prompt, then press Enter. You should next be prompted to enter your password; type that too, then press Enter again.

When you have entered your password, you should be dropped to a shell prompt. Please type:

gsettings set org.mate.Marco.general compositing-manager false

...and press Enter.

Once you have done that, please reboot, and boot back into your Ubuntu MATE installation. (You can simply press Ctrl-Alt-Delete while at this shell prompt to reboot.)

Tell me how that works for you. (Assuming you still have the problem -- I only just noticed the date of July 2022!)

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