Ubuntu with Mate Desktop not show the graphics correctly

Hi, I have a problem with my laptop (HP Laptop 15bw021ns) trying to use Ubuntu 20.04 with Mate installed.
When I try to log in the screen moves strangely to the right, which prevents me from seeing what is happening properly. This images were captured from my phone and it is so strange, that also happen when I try to install directly Ubuntu Mate (The distro). One is from the desktop directly and the another is on Firefox. Any help is greatly appreciated.




Is it possible to upload the images directly as not everyone has or wants a Google account. Don't know if your file is too big to upload but I get to the screen below and am unable to view your images. Not sure if Google has option to let non drive people access the files.

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Try to upload images in https://imgur.com/ ... the links give me access denied.

With display issues, You may try to boot with nomodeset as an option.
change /etc/default/grub and instead of "splash quiet", use "nomodeset"

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Had thought on image size. Possibly the phone image is large based on the MP of phone. My phone does 3-4mb pictures and I download via bluetooth and then use caja-image-converter that I installed with Synaptic. Then you can right click on picture and then choose option.

Graphic issue because it's a bug.

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For those who could not access the files... :grinning: