UM 14.04 nm-applet doesn't see wireless after reboot

I’ve installed UM 14.04 on 4 machines with linksys wifi usb dongles, WUSB6300. The dongles use the 8812au drivers, which I have installed. But every time the computers are booted nm-applet doesn’t see the wireless networks.

The only way it works is after:

apt-get install --reinstall networkmanager

I’ve also added 8812au to /etc/modules so the modules are loaded at boot, and in the commandline the networks are visible, just not in the nm-applet.

Is this a known bug? Does anyone have a solution instead of the workaround by reinstalling networkmanager?


change your software sources download location to a different location and then re-install “networkmanager”!. :smiley: