Um 18.10 + wpa3?




Just switched my router to WPA3 Personal and (sadly) windoze boxes can connect to the new settings just fine but not my UM laptops (both running 18.10).

After duckduckgo'ing it (yup, I just said that), nothing relevant came up.

So I got to ask: when is WPA3 support coming in for Linux (As I believe this is most possibly a general issue much above Ubuntu)?



The first steps are getting support in wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager. Once it's working, Debian and Ubuntu can incorporate them.


Nice, thanks for your education.

Would you happen to know, according to official roadmaps, when should that new feature be implemented?


Considering the issue in NetworkManager was closed 2 days ago, this suggests part of the implementation complete. The other project would be wpa_supplicant. Neither projects have an obvious roadmap on display.

Even when it's implemented, Debian & Ubuntu (Canonical) would need to package and test it, which may take some time. It could possibly be pushed towards the next version, 19.04, depending on progress.