UM installation

Hello, I’m here seeking for help on installation for dual booting Ubuntu-Mate alongside windows 10, I tried installing it via USB using Rufus, but it wont boot on startup, so the tried using YUMI created the runnable usb live cd, and it runs but only on “Legacy Mode” active, so i went on my way happily trying to install but then i hit a wall with the installation process, after i set partitions for “/” & “/home” the installer told me something of not having a place for the bootloader.

I don’t know if anyone has run in to this problem before and can help me find a solution to it.
Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Can you by any chance recall / reproduce the exact error message?

I basically had to do manual partitions because the installer doesn’t detect windows 10 so no “install alongside” for me
after doing the partitions and clicking “install now” i get the following message:

“The partition table format in use on your disk normally requires you to create a separate partition for the boot loader code. This partition Should be marked for use in “Reserved BIOS boot area” and Should be at least 1 MB in size.”

If you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct this error, the boot loader installation may fail late, but Although it be possible to install the boot loader to a partition ."