[UMATE 15.10 beta2] Fglrx proprietary driver in repos doesn't work

Hello there,
I already posted this as a bug, well my laptop has an AMD/ATI graphics card RADEON HD 6310 and when I used UMATE 15.04 I had this proprietary installed and working good. Yesterday I decided to give UMATE 15.10 beta 2 a try and installed it in a different partition, everything went fine out if the box, thrilled by the new welcome and tools windows, and then it came up this noticing icon of addtional drivers proprietary hardware detected…so I did as in the other UMATE 15.04 followed the detection and picked the right AMD display driver for fglrx (proprietary) option…it was the 3 new packages as installed, so I rebooted. and XD changes were not applied at all… but the proprietary AMD drivers were and are installed though I am actually using the amd/ati display driver wrapper from xserver-xorg (Gallium 4.0 driver) until now…I usually play second life building so I tested UMATE 15.10 and logged into SL and checked my graphics and I was totally right my detected graphics card was and xorg H 1300 and my display driver was Gallium 4.0 with OPenGL 3. So I went into my other partition using UMATE 15.04 and running AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6310 proprietary drivers and everything was well installed there.
I suspect linux kernels can also be affecting this issue, for it is the first the time I try installing AMD/ATI proprietary drivers in kernel
Any help will be welcome.

you are not alone
this is not an ubuntu problem,neither the kernel or xorg in fact it is happening in a lot of distros
it is an AMD problem,since their drivers are propietary they do not care about Linux
this DOES NOT happens in any INTEL based computers
that is why I have started a campaign against AMD and literally says AMD SUCKS!!! all across the internet and where ever I go
let me ask you this, have you ever seen MAC using AMD? (please do not mention hackintosh) well AMD SUCKS!!! they are Windows Fan Boys!!!

i notice as well, but it is worked for me on AMD Graphic, and no problem, but i will switch to Nvidia Graphi in a few month later.

Thanks Kuvanito and Jose_Reyes for those replies.

Well I uninstalled UMATE 15.10 Beta 2 and installed LinuxMint KDE 17.2 Rafaela and then added additional drivers in the KDE settings and everything went fine using the same fglrx package15:201 driver which is accessible by non Free Ubuntu and Debian repos in general. As I had mentioned earlier among big differences we have the kernel ( LM’s kernel is 3.16 stable LTS) and now I have Linux Mint MATE 17.2 and Linux Mint KDE 17.2 running great… so I suggest to pay more attention into next official Ubuntu 15.10 kernel cause the big difference in graphics 3D and FPS using open source driver Gallium 0.4 and non free fglrx packages AMD/ATI Radeon are shown in big numbers after testing glxinfo and glxgears commands in terminal ( over 90% in difference of performance).