Unable to create bootable pendrive/dvd of ubuntu mate 20.04

I have downloaded the iso of ubuntu mate 20.04 three times from the official ubuntu mate website and also verified the checksum(SHA256) but while making bootable pendrive or dvd using startup disk creator and disk image writer the process fails at 86%. Please help in this issue.

Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE community!

This may be caused by physical corruption of USB flash drive memory chips.

To test USB flash functionality you have to verify its integrity:

  • on Ubuntu by using GNOME Disks:

    1. select flash drive device
    2. Format Disk
    3. set EraseOverwrite existing data with zeros (Slow)
    4. set PartitioningNo partitioning (Empty)
    5. press Format
    6. wait for 100% completion
  • on MS Windows you can try to write whole flash with H2testw.

If test fails, then your USB drive is physically corrupt. In this case you have to replace it with new one, or use some low level tool for factory formatting.

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Thanks for your help.