Unable to download drivers for HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer using Ubuntu 17.10.1

Several attempts to download drivers for HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer with Ubuntu 17.10.1. All help will be appreciated.

Which source are you using?

Got a “failure to deliver mail”. Don’t know why. I think you are asking me what Ubuntu I am using? Is that correct? We were using 14.07 LTS. Then after having problems with printer, upgraded to 16.10.1 (I believe that is correct, it may e a different number,however, I think it is the latest Ver. of Ubuntu. ). The problem started with the printer only printing the left side of the document. I tried to down load new drivers from HP, and while doing that, I got a main screen that I have on my Windows 10 PC. A screen that has several different logos under the input box. It is hidden some place so as not being to delete it. That is true on both my Ubuntu System and Windows system Both are 64 bit OS. Daniel thank you for your rapid reply to my issue. I will tell you right up front, I am not a computer guy!
Again, Thank you.
Everett Glass

Hello Everett,

By “source” I meant which link are you downloading your driver from?

At this point, are you comfortable using a live USB key to boot your system? If so, I would strongly advise into building yourself a USB thumb drive with the latest Ubuntu Mate (17.10) and booting temporarily on that. Then do a printing test. What’s the result of that?

Concerning the visuals that you are referring too: having a screenshot would be more than helpful.